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  • SC – Summer Camp in Greece

    Halkidiki. Northern Greece. The Aegean. What a great place to rest! A few years ago, some of the OC team happened to fall upon this enchanted area. Soon after, a thought occurred: if we love this place so much, probably others will appreciate it as well, and we decided to invite friends of the OC family.

    In the summer of 2013, SC opened the inaugural Summer Camp which was held during the month of July at the Grand Resort Porto Carras!

    And henceforth SC will continue to work for your children, during the summer months of each year.

    At SC we offer a 10-hour daily children’s programme. All children enjoy a safe caring environment with experienced teachers, learning English through daily immersion in a great variety of appealing activities.

    For more information on SC – please email us or call +7 (495) 988-86-87

    You are welcome!