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  • We believe that education needs a holistic approach,
    as do children

    We see a child as a whole person, including body, mind, emotions and spirit, and make our academic decisions from this point of view. In the learning process, we also look at the world and subject matter as a whole. Ours is a theme-generated, student-centered educational place of learning.

    • Our motto is: "Every child is worthy". All children are treated with dignity and respect.
    • We give unconditional love.
    • Children are always good.
    • There are no perfect parents, teachers or children. Mistakes are okay.
    • We start with the fact that behaviour is learned.
    • We work from the positive.
    • Our job is to help children learn their individual strengths and weaknesses; to gain confidence in themselves and their power of positive action.
    • We separate the child and the act.
    • Choices are discussed. A positive action is a result of a good choice. Positive actions come from exposure to a happy harmonious environment with good manners.
    • Our goal is to teach children HOW to think and not WHAT to think.
    • We believe in children feeling responsibility for each other's well-being and therefore we promote positive social interaction.
    • We teach an expanded Early Years programme of pre-school learning.
    • We do this in the English Language.


  • Our mission is to empower children to believe in themselves and each other, and to understand that there is no problem so great it cannot be solved. If a problem cannot be solved, it is not a problem, it is a reality, and we accept realities. We solve the problems that come from them. And with a problem, what we need is a plan, and not an excuse. We help children with distinguishing between problems and reality, with making good choices and with solving problems.