Nursery, Reception, Year One / Two
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  • 1) Nursery

    This programme follows the British Early Years’ curriculum, with some personal touches of Early Education in North America.

    The environment includes various centres that focus on particular areas of development, from Fine Motor Skills to introduction of Patterns and Designs to Creative Drama. The day has a routine to include work and play, with Music, Dance and Art as essential ingredients in daily activities.

    • Age Group:
      2 to 4 years
  • 2) Reception

    This programme continues to follow the British Early Years’ curriculum, with OC’s copyrighted additions in the areas of personal development, culture and science.

    The environment is more structured academically than in the Nursery setting. Work time is defined with tables, chairs and books; directed play in centres is a daily part of the routine.

    • Age Group:
      4 to 5 years
  • 3) Year One / Two

    This Programme focuses more on intensive Literacy and Numeracy aspects of the British curriculum, with Art, Science, and Social Studies being worked into the themes developed. Priority is given to communicating freely in the English language, – becoming a bilingual child.

    • Age Group:
      5 to 7 years