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    Alexey’s higher education was in the field of Economics. He has been involved in Wu-Shu for 10 years.

    Now he is a pupil at the Shaolinsky monastery which includes 34 generations of Shi Jan Bin.

    Alexey has been teaching Wu-Shu to children at the Moscow Children’s studio ‘Generation’ for 3 years.

    In May, 2006, Alexey finished courses for higher qualification, at the Russian State University, in the area of Physical Education, under the program: improving gymnastics by means of Wu-Shu.

    Alexey continues to train in Shaolin mastery, in China, yearly. He is an active participant in seminars given by world-renowned masters of oriental combat sports.

    His hobbies include all types of Martial Arts, performing tea ceremonies, photographing landscapes and portraits, studying Chinese philosophy and history. At this time, he is engaged in ancient Chinese calligraphy.

    Alexey considers that, learning cultures of other people, is the beginning of understanding oneself and one’s roots better.