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  • Lena Borovkova

    Lena has been part of the OC team for more than 8 years now and is delighted to lead children on their journey to the world of Science!

    Science is a wonderful and amazing subject that helps us to explain our everyday reality. And the best part is that we, adults, don’t have to teach young children how to wonder, discover, and explore because they do it naturally through play. For young learners, science is just an extension of their everyday world!

    Children learn best when they’re involved in the learning, that is why at her classes, Lena makes sure children engage their senses, get to ask questions and have discussions.

    The goal of the Club is to create amazing experiences for children that encourage discovery through play and exploration, experiences that can inspire and motivate children to want to learn and explore more on their own. With the help of the Science Club activities, children will acquire positive attitude toward learning, they will develop their skills of critical thinking, problem solving and will start to better understand the world around them!