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  • Helen

    Helen is an Assistant in the Reception class. She is an English teacher and a master in the sphere of International relations.

    Studying international relations, you look at the world from different perspectives: immersion in historical events gives you food for thought about events taking place in the modern world, learning the geographical features of countries and their culture helps you to understand the mentality of local residents, familiarity with the theories of great scientists in this field helps you to structure all acquired knowledge into a single system that you can apply to the analysis of modern reality.

    Like international relations, science can be divided into many subjects: mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, and many others. By looking into each of them, you will discover a stunning world consisting of many tiny particles, such as cells, molecules, atoms, electrons and protons. By combining knowledge from different fields of science, you will see a charming, bewitching world full of unexpected discoveries and fun experiments.

    The best part is that we, adults, don’t have to teach young children how to wonder, discover, and explore because they do it naturally through play. For young learners, science is just an extension of their everyday world!

    Children learn best when they’re involved in the learning, that is why at her classes, Helen makes sure children engage their senses, get to ask questions and have discussions.

    The goal of the Club is to create amazing experiences for children that encourage discovery through play and exploration, experiences that can inspire and motivate children to want to learn and explore more on their own. With the help of the Science Club activities, children will acquire positive attitude toward learning, they will develop their skills of critical thinking, problem solving and will start to better understand the world around them!