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  • Angela Vashenak

    Angela is a primary school teacher and a master of psychology, with specialization in counseling. She worked with preschool and school age children as a teacher and a psychologist for five years.

    As a teacher she values a creative approach, for she believes that children learn new information faster through art and games. This way a child can realize his/her desire for independence, discover the world of human relations and different activities.

    From the age 3 to 5 a lot of children begin to become interested in letters. This is a great time to start reading lessons, as children are more patient which makes for better concentration.

    There are many methods of teaching children to read. It’s important to choose the most convenient one for every child which makes the process of learning interesting and exciting.

    During lessons in Russian Club children learn how to read and write, but more importantly, they learn to love the Russian language, to understand its beauty and its depth.