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  • Alexander Karnaykh

    In 1988, I completed university in the faculty of aeroplane/helicopter building. At the present time, I teach courses in Abramson’s mathematics for young students at the developmental school ‘Mayak’, as well as running Maths clubs by this same methodology.

    In taking part in Abramson’s method of teaching Maths, children become so absorbed that they forget that they are involved in a serious activity! This is not an alternative to school mathematics. This is an “open door” to greater math, the beginning of the journey, getting acquainted with the basic understanding of arithmetic, algebra and geometry through games and interactive stories. In the first year, students study arithmetic. However, in contrast to the familiar methods, here they learn to ‘minus’ and ‘plus’ in different systems of notations, beginning with binary, in which numbers can be 8-digit. Transferring numbers into a different system of notation is presented to the children in an attractive game.

    In my Maths lessons with children, if I notice difficulties with understanding, I try to ‘move back’ to the point at which the difficulty arose, and prod the child to gain understanding himself/herself: interpreting on the fingers, showing ‘the other side’, using simple examples, asking other children’s help – to interpret in their language what they have already understood themselves.

    In the final analysis, children are not expecting to ‘absorb’ a new learning, but come to its knowingness in a solid and significant manner. Getting involved in the process of teaching children mathematics by involving both teacher and students when introducing new material, allows for easier understanding, remembering and using the knowledge gained.

    The method of activity has been successfully adapted for children of early school years.