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    Joel is Reception teacher at OC, this is his second year with us and now he is leading the Football Club.

    Joel grew up in England where football is a huge part of the culture. Boys and Girls from an early age start playing football at school with the dream of making it to the top! Joel has been playing football since an early age and has made lifelong friends through the beautiful game! He has played for several football teams including his school football team, and religiously follows his hometown club, Coventry City! Ever since the World Cup in Russia, Joel has been eager to start a football club at OC so he can share his love of football with the children!

    Football is the perfect team sport that brings people together, as well as promoting health and fitness. In this Club the children will learn the basics such as passing, heading and dribbling with the ball, as well as look at the vocabulary that surrounds football. The principal aim is coordination and team work, key skills for the future – and perhaps, there will be a new football super star!