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  • Elena Yurievna Sudakova graduated ten years ago, with Honours, from the Moscow City Pedagogical University. She then went on to graduate studies in History. Elena studied on to become a Teacher of English, from the Moscow University of Open Education, in the Faculty of English Linguistics and Inter-Cultural Communication.

    Elena has danced all her life. She has worked as a ballet dancer at the State Dance Company of Russia. She is a teacher of choreography at school, at the dance theatre Renaissance (where she also dances), and for the play Kavaleri at Moscow Dramatic Theatre of ‘Mossovet’.

    The dancers at Renaissance have travelled throughout Europe performing concerts, and have won many International and Russian dance contests in the area of folk-dancing and contemporary dance. They have received 6 Grand-Prix, and earned various other prizes because they are laureates of different centers.

    She participated in the international dance workshops in the USA, Europe and Russia and she is happy to share her experience with children.

    We are very thankful that Elena is including us in her busy schedule, as she has a full programme of activities. She says that working with children is something she loves to do.