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    Kate graduated from National Pedagogical University with specialties in Ballet, Classical Dance, Choreography and Arts. Since 2009 Kate has had a chance to work as a choreographer at schools and preschools, dance theatres and even figure skating centers! She has broad experience in teaching classical, modern and folk dances, stretching, gymnastics, acrobatics and children choreography.

    Kate believes that dance lessons give children a great opportunity to lay the basis for their physical development, discipline, aesthetic taste and stage artistry. Dance helps children to open up and overcome their shyness, discover their creative potential and dancing skills.

    At her classes children learn the main feet and hands positions of classical dance, develop their coordination, learn to understand music rhythm and tempo and stretch. They also learn some elements of stage and modern dance. Moreover, Ekaterina’s lessons are filled with role-play dancing and active games to make each class interesting and useful for children!