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  • Elena Alisova

    In 2009, Elena completed the Early Years program at the Moscow Government Teachers’ University. This education enhanced her natural abilities of readily finding a common language with children.

    Elena has creativity flowing through her veins, – she can make soap, knit toys, crochet with wool, create something out of nothing! All this talent and technique she shares with the OC children who come to her Craft Club.

    “Creative activities are very important for a child,” says Elena, “they waken his imagination, ignite his curiosity, and the creativity juices begin to flow. It is the beginning of his individual personality, his self-realization. In craft work, there are no boundaries or rules in the possibilities. There is absolute freedom for self-expression. Any artifact in progress, opens up the child’s eye to the wonderment possible, and expands his perception of colours, forms, textures and their harmonious placement with each other, along with supporting the expression of imagination, plus the spatial and figurative development of the child. When working with his hands, a child learns to have patience, gives exercise to his fine motor skills, and begins to understand the meaning of effort put into a project.”

    In Elena’s class, every child gets to create something with his/her own hands and to see the results of the effort made. This is pure pleasure! Children are ecstatic; their eyes reflect a feeling of magic – that they were able to change everyday things into something new and interesting. ‘I DID it! It worked out for me!’ The sense of personal accomplishment adds to the child’s sense of self-worth, and he is ready for new heights to be conquered!

    Elena has no end of ideas, and can help children create magic from a mere napkin, a piece of paper, a ball of yarn. To see something new in the ordinary: this is another valuable aspect of what children learn in our Craft Club!