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  • Lena

    Lena has been part of the OC team for more than 9 years now and is delighted to lead children on their journey to the world of creativity!

    Lena knows that creative activities are very important for children, as it awakens imagination and ignites curiosity. In craft work, there are no boundaries or rules but absolute freedom for self-expression. Creativity opens up the child’s eye to a new wonderment; it expands the perception of colours, forms and texture. It also supports the expression of imagination and the spatial and figurative development of the child. When working with their hands, children learn to have patience, exercise fine motor skills, and begin to understand the meaning of effort and projects.

    In Lena’s class, every child gets to create something with their own hands and witness results of the effort made. This is pure pleasure! Children see the magic – they were able to change everyday things into something new and interesting. ‘I DID it!’ The sense of personal accomplishment adds to the child’s sense of self-worth, and she is ready for new heights to be conquered!