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  • Ms. Marie Slyusar

    My name is Ms. Marie. I graduated from the MGOY University with honours in “Linguistic Support in Interstate Relations”. In spite of the fact that I am linguist-translator, I have always devoted myself to art. Having been a part of the OC family for a few years, I am delighted to widen our children’s experience by opening up their potential in the Arts. The joys of drawing and painting together is empowering to all!

    Since early childhood, children begin to reach out for art. Many of them try drawing earlier than reading or writing.

    Art is some kind of language, which can show child’s mood, his feelings, emotions, and it also helps to understand child’s thoughts, which he/she reflects in paper. Drawing not only improves fine motor skills, but it also develops esthetic taste, attention to details, it teaches how to combine colors correctly. Besides art develops such qualities as assiduity, patience, desire to finish work, and these qualities are important in the subsequent life.

    At our lessons, we try different materials: watercolors, gouache, pastel, we learn to feel the surface of paper, to use not only brushes, but also fingers, cotton tip, cling wrap, etc.

    Every lesson brings us delight and emotional pleasure, and the most important thing is that we can express individuality in each work!