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  • Ms. Maria Smith

    Art has always been an important part of Early Childhood Education. The process of children creating their own art pieces and enjoying the creations of others, helps to develop their own self-understanding and respect for others’ expressions.

    Artistic exploration, creative engagement gives children an opportunity to make decisions from their aesthetic selves and to translate these decisions into art forms. It also gives children a chance to move away from their structured and mind-centered academic work. Firstly, children are free to decide what they want to do, how they want to create their masterpieces. Secondly, children get to choose their own media. Then comes the fun part: the engagement, exploring their own sense of colour and line and form, and appreciating others’ explorations in art. And finally, there is the sharing the results with friends, discussing what they like in their own work and in their friends’ results.

    In Art Class, before we begin, we discuss how we are going to do it? What materials we will need? What we want as a final result? We then make our sketches which help us to visualize, to bring out a drawing, a painting, a sketching. And finally, Voila! – there is a new masterpiece!