We Are The World!

September 29, 2017
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On International Day we especially feel like the whole world is here with us at OC. We dress up in cultural costumes, and at our Friday Assembly we share the information we know about different countries, we model our clothes and flags, and EVERY year, amongst our new song repertoire, we definitely sing: “Hello, Bon Jour, Buenos Dias, G’day, Guten tag, Konichiwa, Ciao, Ni Pau, Dobriy Dyen, Hello to all the children of the world!”

This year we learned a Russian dance, we built Egyptian pyramids, we made Japanese origami animals, and we pinned the tail on the Mexican donkey.

And of course, at the end of our activities, we shared the cultural food prepared by our families. M-m-m-m! It was delicious!

We Are The World!

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