This earth of ours is bountiful!

November 11, 2016
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On Harvest Day, we ate Reception’s original art pieces: vegetable creatures! They were very tasty. Nursery shared their delicious fruit salad, and Year 1/2 brought dried fruit which they made into compote for our healthy drink. The picnic was a great success. As we ate, we took turns pasting pictures of our favourite fruit or vegetable on a big graph. …No, we were NOT surprised that most of us liked fruits better than vegetables…, but we were VERY surprised that several boys liked broccoli better of all! We learned that, though our taste buds are very different, our appreciation of the food we eat was equally shared by all! A colourful and fulfilling day!

Pompeii isn’t the only famous Volcano!Our 10th OC Holiday Concert performance – what a moment!

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