Science is Magic!

May 28, 2018
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Okay, so today we found out that there are SO many things we don’t know! We went to the Science Museum ‘Experimentanium’! In every corner, there was something new and absolutely mind-grabbing.

Probably the most fun was trying to eat some candy that seemed to be right in front of us, and yet when we grabbed it, it wasn’t there! And then there was this labyrinth glass maze, and we what we saw, was not what was there. We had to hold out our hands in front of ourselves, so as not to bump into something that WAS there, when we thought it wasn’t! …Does that make sense…? Well, maybe not yet, but as we grow, we will find out EXACTLY how it all works! Because we are curious and love to learn! Learning is fun!

Happy Birthday, Luka! Thank You for the Butterflies!Friends Come in All Sizes!