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July 01, 2015
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“Goodness” in various languages

The Canadian Children’s Centre “Our Children – Our School” enjoyed a ‘We’ Day.

Children from the English Children’s Centre, called “Our Children – Our School”, became participants in an extraordinary get-together. The children who attend on Leninskiy Prospect, together with teachers, visited the children at the Novatorov Street centre. Together they had gathered toys, which they wished to give as gifts to children without families. Throughout the day, there was great discussion about how important it is to be generous and kind. Children came to the conclusion, that to share – is being kind and making positive decisions. Each child left a few toys for those who haven’t got any, and afterwards these toys were taken to the orphanage with which the Centre has been connected for many years.

About the Company:

The Canadian Children’s Centre with the unusual name “Our Children – Our School” has been in existence since 2007, and teaches children in the English language. Highly qualified teachers with vast experience use an individual approach to each child. For teaching, the children are introduced to themes, from which they pick their direction for the subsequent immersion and learning. In this way, they become their own decision-makers as to the process of learning. Teachers, in their turn, supply the materials and projects, and support the children’s process to mastery. In the Centre, there are 3 programmes of study, geared to children of different ages. Besides this, there is also a summer school and a summer camp, plus weekly and Saturday English clubs. For the convenience of parents and children, the Centre works at two addresses.


Canadian Child Care Centre “Our Children – Our School”
Address: Moscow, Novatorov Street 1; Moscow, Leninskiy Prospect 113/1
Telephone: +7 (495) 988-86-87; +7 (495) 502-95-61

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