Preparations for our Christmas Concert are in full swing

December 05, 2014
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Yahoo! Winter has come! With the first snowfall, we welcome our favourite and long-awaited holiday.

We are getting ready for the Christmas Concert, rehearsing, and enjoying the preparation to make our dear parents happy! With each day, we are more joyful; the happy anticipation for the holiday to arrive, turns our life into a fairytale. “Christmas is an extraordinary moment. Children’s eyes are shining, and the holiday atmosphere is felt in the air. And of course, on this day our children will feel some magic. It will arrive along with our Christmas Concert. Something original happens every year at this time and something special comes to each of us. But we will not share these secrets before time, – otherwise what kind of secrets are they?” say the organizers of this day of wonderment.

OC – Our Children – this is an opportunity to get an upbringing in the best English traditions, to quickly grasp the language and traditions of Britain and Canada. Not many of the private playschools of Moscow are ready to offer what we offer, and that is why more parents come to us with their children. We believe we can provide the children with the best; that is, we do everything we can so that the children will grow with wisdom, knowledge and with a steady sturdy movement towards their desired goals, being ready for the big world into which they will enter as adults.

A new school yearFebruary 14th is always a special day at OC