Ms. Marie


I graduated from MSOU (Moscow State Open University) with honours in ‘Linguistic Support of Interstate Relations’. From my second year of university, I began to tutor students and during this learning experience, I understood that it was ‘MY cup of tea’.

Since April, 2016, I have been employed at OC. I am very happy to have such an opportunity to teach children, share knowledge with them and learn very much from them. The most interesting part of my job is to observe the process by which a child develops his or her thinking skills. For example, when the child faces a problem, he/she generally asks an adult to solve it for him/her. Our work as educators is to lead children to finding solutions more independently because one day they will enter the adult world and have to live by their own thinking skills and efforts.

This year, I have been given the added responsibility of managing the OC Novatorov branch. This has opened up new vistas of learning opportunities, and I am inspired and empowered by ‘spreading my wings’ into new territories. However, the children remain the most important and precious part of my job.