Ms. Lena


Hello! My name is Ms. Lena and I have been part of the OC family for more than seven years now.

I was born in Russia but prefer to call myself “a citizen of the world”. I spent a year in England as I love to travel and explore new cultures. No wonder OC felt like home the minute I came here – a place where people of different nationalities share joy and happiness.

Beginning my career with the youngest group, I later moved to the middle group and then to the oldest group of students. Everywhere, I observed how OC works miracles with children, who begin to open up their inner power, and develop a feeling on personal worthiness, radiating happiness and belief in their endless potential.

Now I am happy to have become the Administrator at OC. Our professional team of teachers – native speakers and assistants, envelope your children with care, and help them both to master the English language in a playful environment and to boldly investigate our wondrous world!

Welcome to the enchanting world of OC!