Ms. Jessica


I was born in the USA, but spent my childhood living in England and Nigeria. When I was in high school, I moved back to America and lived in Seattle, WA. I graduated from the Seattle Pacific University. After university, I received a teaching job with a local pre-school in the age 4-5 year class. The enthusiasm and joy I felt from the children inspired me to decide my future career: I wanted to work with children. My next job was as a residential counselor. I worked in a health treatment facility for children and teenagers with problems. I spent two years there, and especially enjoyed helping youngsters with their reading and homework. My next position was at an elementary school in Seattle. I helped with the preschool program there and taught 5-6 year olds. I love traveling and moving to new places, experiencing different cultures, and have always wanted to explore Russia, especially Moscow. Therefore, when I heard about the opening in OC, I knew it would be an exciting fit. I couldn’t be more pleased for this school year at OC! We are going to have a wonderful time together!