Ms. Helen


Child psychology is a new science. Partly because of this, many parents do not take it seriously and do not understand its significance in children’s development, in their becoming harmonious individuals. In actual fact, a sturdy foundation is very important to establish during a youngster’s upbringing process, – a strong base on which will grow up a successful, self-confident and outgoing sociable adult.

In OC, we give particular attention not only to the learning process, but also to the upbringing process. We regularly run training classes and seminars with teachers as well as with parents. During these sessions, we discuss the unique characteristics of today’s children, and the methods by which we can build healthy harmonious relationships with them. Happy, confident in themselves and their strengths, children learn with a ‘lightness of being’ and with interest.

Our pre-school combines a high academic standard with an individual approach in the developmental process of each child. Our graduated youngsters easily excel during the entrance exams to the best educational institutions. In their subsequent classes, they stand out from other children in the quality of their work and attitude. In 2010, OC was included in the best pre-schools of Moscow by the magazine Forbes. However, even more valuable than such expert appraisals about how we are doing an important job and doing it well, is the multitude of grateful, thankful letters and responses we get from parents every year and even years after their children’s graduation from OC.