Ms. Alina


Childhood is a short part in a person’s life. But during this time, the child gets much more than in the rest of his life. Many people talk about the importance of pre-school education: “Children should live in a world of beauty, games, fairy tales, music, drawing, fantasy and creativity.” Our OC team builds a world full of miracles and knowledge around its students. Every day children enthusiastically discover something new and interesting; bring great joy to this world together with their laughter and endless “why”. And with our teachers, your kids will be able to ask their questions in English.

Working with children allows us to feel the world through their eyes. To get the long-forgotten emotions that we felt when we were kids. Four years ago, I came to work at OC and realized that I did not want to part with these pleasant sensations. Let us make sure that the moments of happy childhood are remembered by a small, bright sparkle burning in every human heart.