Mr. Tim


I was born to a family of teachers in Melbourne, Australia. After graduating from high school I worked at various jobs in customer service, people management and event co-ordination, while simultaneously attending RMIT University in my home city of Melbourne. After receiving my Bachelor degree I pursued a subsequent degree in Social Work majoring in Youth Work.

After several more years of work in management, I realized that I was more interested in the world at large and working amongst people of all different ages, backgrounds and nationalities. So I arrived at the decision that teaching English overseas would be an exciting new career for me. Consequently I completed a CELTA with Holmes Institute in Melbourne, which gave me a solid foundation for teaching English to non-native speakers of all levels and all abilities.

Aside from a long interest in music, namely playing the tenor saxophone, I am always up for an adventure and have travelled to Japan, as well as to almost every corner of Australia. Nurturing a passion for learning the history/development of nations and languages. I spent a lot of free time taking part in Language Exchange with people from countries such as Korea, Japan, Canada, Czech Republic, Oman, and an overwhelming amount from Russia. These connections only furthered my interest in Russia, so I was very honored to take up a position in Moscow with Our Children Our School. I feel right at home here already, am thoroughly enjoying my time in this beautiful country, and am looking forward to a happy and productive year!