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December 08, 2017
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We are continuing the OC series of seminars by Ms. Pod under the general heading: “21st Century Children”. The first session was held on November 24th and raised much interest in those attending. We discussed issues such as what distinguishes the ‘new’ era children from earlier generations and some of the modern challenges with which they will be dealing. We also had time to share concrete problematic home situations and provided support for finding possible solutions.

On Friday, December 15th, we invite everyone for the second session, which will deal with “Discipline without Punishment”.

Ms. Pod will share her vast experience and know-how on the ticklish topic of how to find the most effective communication with the new-age age child. We will discuss methods of bringing up these youngsters, methods that will empower them to realize their full potential and will guide them in their personal development. How do we set up rules of conduct and motivate children to honour them? What is our parent/teacher/adult responsibility in today’s world?

We will be discussing all this, and much more, in the warm supportive environment of positive sharing.

Come and bring friends, we will be happy to meet and be of service!

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