La-la-la! “Don’t Worry! Be Happy!”

March 25, 2016
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We have a very happy time especially on our Day of Happiness, because all day we focus on understanding and feeling this word deep inside. We dance, sing, and share joyful feelings, pictures and thoughts. We do enjoyable things like making graphs of what makes us most happy, and listening to stories. Mr. Happy is our favourite character. And the Smiley Face pizzas we made, gave our stomachs happiness too, because they were very tasty!

“Happiness is the sunniest sunshine.”
“It sounds like jingling jingle bells.”
“It tastes like snowflakes melting in the mouth.”
“It smells like orange-flavoured flowers.”
“It looks like a giant Smiley Face.”
“It makes me feel very warm and cozy in my heart.”

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