Dear OC Parents (past, present and future)

September 01, 2017
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It is a great honour to write today celebrating September 1st, one of the best days of the year!

At this time, it feels even more exciting as we embark upon our second decade of working with children in Moscow! Yes, after ten beautiful years, we are inspired to send warm regards to each and every one of you who have been a part of the OC world, and to thank you for your unconditional support throughout the years. We hope this greeting finds your children healthy, harmonious, and successful in all of their endeavours.

Today it dawned on us that soon some of our original OC young crew from ‘Vavilova’ days will begin university, and even possibly will have families and children of their own! Wow, how time flies. As for us OC’ers, we continue to enjoy the little ones who, every year, brighten our lives and provide us with a continued impetus to ‘be of use’ to the next magical generation. And, yes, we still give English language lessons to everyone, from 7 years old and older, and we would certainly enjoy providing them for our ‘old’ clients.

We also would love to reconnect as friends. You are welcome to visit us anytime. Let’s keep in touch,

Warm regards from the OC team, Moscow.

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