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  • Michael John (“Mr. Johnny”) Popoff graduated, with Honours, 10 years ago from the University of Victoria (U.Vic) in British Columbia, Canada, with a Bachelor of Music degree, majoring in Composition and Theory. This complimented well with his prior Contemporary Music & Technology diploma, wherein he earned a major in Keyboard performance. Subsequently, he became a registered Music Teacher and taught for several years in a Waldorf School, located in Western Canada.

    Johnny – also known by his Russian name, “VANYA” – was born with an “ear” for music. He has an extensive resume of experiences that include teaching, directing (forming choirs), composing, and performing concerts – both solo and group – in the Americas, in New Zealand, Europe and Asia. His solo piano recordings, as well as recordings with other musical groups, are resonating all over the world.

    In offering his gifts and passion to the Music Club at OC, Johnny provides the youngest of learners with a fun, energetic and loving atmosphere in which to explore music – including singing, playing instruments, rhythmic development and musical games! Children – from the littlest ones up – are given equal opportunities to embrace music as a whole, with the aim of leaving every one of them feeling encouraged and happy about music, about life on this planet and – most importantly – about themselves and their unlimited potential, not just in music, but in ALL things!

    Johnny loves to share his joy of music, and therefore includes private lesson opportunities, whereby the musical potential of an individual has freedom to fully blossom! He specializes mostly in piano, guitar and voice instruction, as well as music theory, composition and improvisation. Interested adults and children alike are welcome to contact OC for more information in this regard.

    Thank you, Johnny, for being part of our OC team!