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  • Chirkov Vladimir

    I have been involved in chess almost all of my life. And, at the present time, I carry the title of International Master in the international rating FIDE 2325. Also, in the Barnaul and Altai districts, I have repeatedly won the championship for classical as well as ‘rapid’ chess competitions, both in individual as well as team tournaments. For the Sports Club ‘Dynamo’ I was champion of Russia, I have been a member of the Russian team from 1983-1989, took part in the chess team USSR, and was winner of the international tournament in Bulgaria from 1997-2001. In 2014, I won the Russia open tournament for ‘rapid’ chess.

    Because I am a teacher by profession, having completed my education as a history teacher in the Barnaul University in 1982, I decided to unite my passion for chess and the wish to work with children; so that now I have been training children for 13 years, igniting them with the love of chess.

    After all, chess is a 1000-year-old game which has not lost its popularity even in this era of computer technology. It is important to teach children to play chess from very young years, because it will positively affect the intellectual and personal growth of a child. Children will learn how to think logically, to concentrate, and to remember information. More than that, chess brings out the will to win, strengthens the character and establishes emotional stability in a child.