Another day of many “WOW’s”!

January 19, 2018
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So, this Friday morning we collected for our Assembly in our Sports Centre as usual. And we sang, danced, and enjoyed the moment as usual! THEN came some events which WEREN’T as usual!

In every classroom, there was an experiment or several set up, and it all had to do with – WATER! We saw what happened to eggs in salt water and in regular water. We tested what floated and what sank. We watched pairs of colours blending into one new one. We witnessed that liquids can be heavier or lighter – so that even when everything is “liquidy”, something sinks to the bottom, something sits on top of this bottom, and something rises to the top. Miraculous stuff, all this liquid!

We didn’t even notice that we were learning, because we were having so much fun!

Happy New YearWith us, there are MANY choices of clubs!